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Labour Department, Haryana

 The Labour Department is responsible for the enforcement of various labour laws in which the appropriate government is in the state government of Haryana. These laws provide for basic working conditions, statutory terms of employment including welfare and also for maintenance of industrial relations. This involves other stakeholders i.e. the employers and the employees. It is incumbent upon the labour department to not only ensure the implementation of labour laws in letter and spirit but also to maintain a balance in the industrial relation so as to ensure productivity and economic growth.

The E-Governance Portal of Haryana Labour Department provides provides efficient, effective and excellent e-services for Factory, Shop, Contact Labour, BOCWW and BOCW Establishment. The portal is a step forward of the department to improve the interface with the citizen of Haryana and also provide vast array of services in easy and friendly manner. In pursuance of the Right to Information Act, the Labour Department understand its responsibility of divulging information vis-a-vis the activities, policies, citizen charter etc. that will go a long way in creating a trustworthy and cordial relationship between the Department and the Citizens.
Please visit the portal, for more information and to avail the services.
Last Updated
Aug 9, 2020
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