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Rural Works Department , Govt of Bihar

 Development of rural roads brings multiple socio-economic benefits to the rural areas which form a strong base of the National economy. The connectivity of rural habitations through good all weather roads  has brought appreciable impact on Agriculture, Employment Generation, Industry, Health, Education, Transport facilities, Urbanization, Poverty Alleviation. The Government of Bihar (GOB) is committed to an all round Social and Economic development of the State. Recognising the role played by an efficient and high quality road network to the rural community. The responsibilities of construction of rural roads (with necessary culverts and cross-drainage structures) lie with the Rural Works Department.

The rural roads are built up according to standards and specifications led down by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD),Government of India in consultation with Indian Road Congress (IRC).From the design stage to construction and Maintenance stage, the roads have to pass through rigorous specifications in terms Of geometrics, construction materials,technical standards and the whole gamut of Engineering parameters. In addition to these standards and specifications, an Integral maintenance provision for 5 years in the EPC contract is the near hallmark of the rural connectivity program. The basic objective of the department is to construct and maintain the rural roads falling mainly in the category of Other District Roads (ODR) and Village Roads (VR). The vision of the department is to provide Farm to Market Connectivity to all eligible habitations.
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